Galaxy in a Lens

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“You can bend photography to see what you are seeing, like all forms of artistic expression. A blank canvas to one person is an image set in stone to another. The same goes with photography – it’s just that my canvas is life and the earth, my dreams and vision, ever changing. It feels like a bit of a universal dance – I just move with it, work with it.”

The words of Lavanya Patricella, one of the sources of my inspiration and courage in this world. It was Lavanya who inspired me to develop my photography not in a technical sense but through visual motivation, creativity and exploration.

To view her beautiful work, visit her website at

Nomadic 777 []

The Crimson of this Moment

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Plucked from my collection of sunset and sky photographs that seemed to dominate last year’s adventures with my camera.

Crimson of this Moment

Moment For Your Thoughts

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I never do portraits, but when I do, they end up something like this.

Moment For Your Thoughts

“A moment for your thoughts” (a tribute to a very talented and gifted friend of mine)

Entry One

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Even the most beautiful of things comes forth from an unseemly beginning.